a guided walking tour of the Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY


What types of tours are offered?

We offer a "Research" tour for the purpose of in-depth knowledge about the Hasidic community in Williamsburg. This tour also covers the history of Jewish Williamsburg, starting in the nineteenth century and the history of Williamsburg in general. It will also shed light on the intricate network of Jewish movements in 21st century and how they fit in to the Jewish Williamsburg puzzle.

The Research tour features an extensive introduction and is conducted on two separate days (as arranged in advance in consultation with participants) and is highly customizable. Based on requests from participants, we can shine the spotlight on one or another aspect of interest pertaining to the Hasidic community in Williamsburg. Photos, maps and charts will be used to facilitate the presentation. Questions and feedback are encouraged during this tour.

The "Casual" tour focuses mostly on the current aspects of Hasidic Williamsburg. Who is in charge? What are the common Hasidic practices? etc... The Casual tour is a subset of the Research tour.

When is the Hasidic Williamsburg Tour offered?

The Hasidic Williamsburg Tour is generally available on demand and the price varies depending on the type and the number of participants. Please use the
"Contact" page to arrange the time and date for a tour.

In the winter season, participants may arrange for the tour to be conducted in a vehicle.

In the summer season (April-October) the Casual tour is offered every sunday at 11:00 a.m. We will also sometimes advertise and/or announce special tours in the winter season (typically it'll be Sunday at 11:00 a.m.) or additional tours in the summer season. Announced casual tours carry a fixed price of $38 per person for up to 6 participants. If 7-10 participants show up the price will be discounted for all.

To be informed of tour announcements, we suggest you "like" us on facebook, in which case our facebook announcements will show up in your news feed. You may also send us a request via the
contact form or emaill to be put on the announcements mailing list.

What is the cost of the tour and what is included?

The price for on-demand tours depends on the type of tour (Research or Casual) and the number of participants. They range between $85-300 for the Research tour and $18-100 for the Casual tour. Prices may be viewed by clicking through the
Order link on the navigation bar.

All paying participants who have registered in advance will receive a bottle of water at the outset of the tour (during the summer only). Research tourists will receive two complimentary meals at two different traditional restaurants. Casual tourists will receive a sample of traditional Hungarian cuisine during the restaurant break.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept paypal and all credit cards (processed through paypal). If you would like to pay by check or money order, send to:

Hasidic Williamsburg Tour
1241-46th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Please include an email address and phone number. Once the check is cleared, you will be notified by email and allowed to register for the tour.

What is the duration of the tour?

The Casual tour will last about 3 hours, including a 20-30 minute restaurant break in the middle. The Research tour will be conducted in two days, lasting 3 hours per day -- including a meal break.

How much walking is done during the tour?
The tour's route covers about three miles per day for the Research tour, mostly in South Williamsburg (also known as the "Jewish Triangle"). The Casual tour covers about 2.5 miles. Before registering for a walking tour, be sure that you are physically fit to participate.

What are the qualifications of the tour guide?

The tour guide is a NYC DCA-licensed (sightseeing tour guide) college-educated Brooklynite of Hasidic upbringing who has an intimate, first-hand, empirical familiarity with the neighborhood and topics covered in the tour, as well as the communication skills necessary to convey to outsiders the meaning and significance of Hasidic institutions, norms and practices.

A great deal of data has been collected and sifted through for the Research tour. Much of it is community inside information that has never been published and other generally inaccessible information.

What is the intended audience for the tour?

Three types of people may find this tour particularly intriguing:

  • Mainstream American Jews who have little or no prior exposure to the insular Hasidim of New York, but want to learn more about them and ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

  • Foreign visitors and Americans at large who are curious to learn more about fringe, insular sects in America.

  • Yuppies, artists and hipsters who have recently settled in Williamsburg and are apt to ask questions about their strange neighbors to the south.

The Research tour is designed for college professors, students, NFP-organization administrators, book authors, film producers, researchers and other professionals who have a serious interest in studying the Hasidic community and/or the development of Willliamsburg. The Research tour could be implemented in a single day if necessary.

Anyone and everyone, however, is welcome to join; which brings us to the next question:

Is any prior knowledge necessary in order to fully comprehend and appreciate the tour?

No prior knowledge is necessary. The presentation presumes a very basic knowledge of Judaism; no more. However, in order to fully appreciate the depth, and broad content of the tour, it helps if participants do a bit of homework beforehand. Knowledge of the following topics will prove quite helpful:

  • An overview of the history of Brooklyn/New York and specifically Williamsburg.

  • Some familiarity with the various forms of contemporary Jewish Orthodoxy, such as Yeshiva University and Young Israel on the far left, Torah Vodaath and Agudath Israel in the center, and Hasidim and Anti-zionists in the far right.

Is there a dress code for the tour?

Dress comfortably including a good pair of sneakers, and allow for normal fluctuations of the weather. Women should dress modestly, so that they not offend the sensibilities of the local community.

Where do we meet for the tour?

We will meet at the northeast corner of Havemeyer and Broadway (260 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11210), in front of the McDonalds.

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Can I pay with cash on the spot?

We generally prefer that you register in advance and pay via the web by credit card. Other arrangements may be made, however, when booking the date via the Contact form, or if you join a scheduled tour impromptu without prior notice.

Can I contact you by phone?

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